Today, your family's history is being made in big ways and small ones. 
Whether you're celebrating a milestone like a wedding or the simple joy of a child's laughter, you don't want to forget these moments. 
Let us introduce ourselves: Jeff and Meggan Haller, married photographers and business partners since 2007. We're experienced photojournalists, and we're serious about our work. We're adventurous and lucky. We've got a lot of stamina, and we're prepared for anything. As former newspaper photographers, our jobs were to tell the story of events as they happened through our photographs. We recognize the privilege it is to document the important moments in your life. 
Our style is unobtrusive where possible. We're pretty laid back and a little bit goofy. Anything truly goes. We keep portrait posing simple and focus on moments. Our goal is to capture creative, storytelling images so those smiles can last.
If that sounds good to you, get in touch.​​​​​​​
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